Cubicon style 3D printer

Cubicon style 3D printer

The 3D printing  industry is am everchanging  rapidly moving industry, there are many printers on the market and we have had 100's slip through our hands, we have seen the good , the bad and the ugly!

It takes a lot to impress us but once in a blue moon we do actually get blown away and this is the printer that did it.

So unlike most 3D printers made in China, EU or the US the cubicon style hails from south Korea the stomping ground of the might Samsung, The build quality is superb and would not look out of place in your living room next to your TV, most 3D printer tend to look a little industrial. It has a  fully integrated touchscreen, hepa filter to remove noxious odours and is super quiet. The killer feature is auto levelling, in layman terms all you have to do is take it out of the box, insert your sd card with the file you want to print and hit print, it does it all for you, no messing with tape , glues , slurry, no fiddling levelling a bed its all automatic, it does not miss a beat, is super quiet and when finished due to the special printing surface you just take your print off no scraping or pulling etc.

It will print in PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU thats we have tried and the software that comes with it has a host of great features, choosing where supports go is a killer feature normally found on simplify3d and other premium slicers,if there was anything detrimental it is build size of 150x150x150mm.. but if you can live with that there is nothing in the market that comes close!




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