Wanhao D5S

A perfect balance between speed, accuracy and build volume. The D5S boasts a huge printing area so your more ambitious projects are comfortable to achieve.

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*Now with heated beds for ABS printing*

The impressively sized Wanhao D5S is perfect for model builders and designers looking to create larger structures. It also has the function to control print speed during a session so you've got more control over the time it takes to.


Key Features:

  • build volume of 290 x 190 x 590 mm
  • Comes with Anti-Jam Queen Single Extruder
  • Print resolution of 0.02mm  
  • Capable of printing only PLA and other plastic based material which do not require a heated bed. (eg. Flex)
  • Duplicator 5 is designed with Arduino© microcontroller with a custom motor shield, a circular dial touch controller/LCD combo, and stepper motors has the capability to run printer at high speeds in excess of 300mm/s.
  • Uses a 3.00 mm filament.
  • Built using Rock XV Steel ExoFrame for sturdiness





General Property

Interface SD or USB 2.0
Max Printing Object Size 305 x 205 x 605mm
Extruder  Anti-Jam Queen
X,Y Axis Positioning Resolution 0.01mm
Layer thickness Minimal 0.02mm
X,Y axis max speed 5000mm/minute
Z axis positioning resolution 0.005mm
Z axis max speed 1000mm/minute
Software Wanhao maker
Printing Material PLA 3.0mm
Input power 110V-220V
Frame Extreme XV Rock Steel structure 
Input format STL, 
Output format *.I
Noise 48 decibel during printing


Product dimension 400 x 460 x 860mm
Packing dimension 510 x 570 x 970mm
Weight 35kg
Material Support PLA
Material Size 3.0mm filaments
Material size requirement 3.0+-0.1mm
Temperature Sensor thermocouple temperature sensors



To give you an idea of size potential, here's a 45cm tall Eiffel Tower made in 1 piece next to a max-sized 15cm tall Eiffel Tower made on a D4S.

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