Professional printing pack

Professional printing pack

Technology Outlet's professional printing pack upgrade is proven to show visibly better quality prints, than those printing on buildtak! The professional printing pack also makes it easier to print on and remove prints. Once installed it's a matter of spray and go! Choose your Professional Printing Pack below, you can also choose to add some optional extra's into the pack deal!

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We at Technology Outlet now have the ultimate professional printing pack!

This pack contains:

  • Borosilicate glass bed - 4mm
  • 1 can of 3D lac printing spray
  • A pair of bulldog clips

The pack helps to create perfect prints; no warping, no scraping glueing or slurries. Prints simply pop off when the glass is cool.

Our professional printing pack is quick and easy to use;

  1. Attach glass bed to your printer, securing it with the bulldog clips provided.
  2. Level your bed.
  3. Spray the 3D lac onto the glass to create a sticky surface on which to print.
  4. Once your print is finished, allow the bed to cool (the 3D lac will also lose adhesion once cool)
  5. Remove your perfect print!

(Please see below video for visual fitting instructions)

The professional printing pack is available for the following printers:,

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