Honsmaker Bessen Plus

Taller than its brother, the regular Honsmaker Bessen, this vertically confident 3D printer is sturdy and versatile - all you need to print your creations!

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The Bessen Printer has a sturdy steel frame and can achieve print precision of a 0.05mm layer.


  • Height prints with a build size of 190 x 170 x 450mm
  • Ideal for home and commercial prints
  • Capable of printing in ABS, PLA, HIP, PET and other filament types
  • High resolution 3D printer Jam Free Nozzle
  • Build volume: 190mm×170mm×450mm
  • Layer thickness: 50μm
  • Printing speed: 30-500mm/s
  • Filament types: PLA/ABS
  • Filament diameter: 3mm
  • Supported input file: STL/OBJ/AMF
  • Input methods: USB 2.0/Offline with SD card
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Z axis resolution: 1.25 μm
  • X-Y axis resolution: 12.5 μm
  • Software: Cura
  • Patented nozzle design to ensure precise and smooth extrusion
  • Flat and stable build plate
  • Remote feeding structure