MakerBot® Replicator® 2X

MakerBot® Replicator® 2X

A full-featured desktop 3D printer designed for 3D printing experts.

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Explore the frontiers of 3D printing with experimental multi-colour dual extrusion and thermoplastic MakerBot ABS filament. The MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer is optimised for printing with MakerBot ABS filament and features world-class 100-micron layer resolution.


Super flat heated build platform optimized for ABS

Great 3D printing rests on a foundation of, well, flatness. MakerBot® users have come to understand how crucial it is to have a super flat build plate, so we’ve made it a priority on the MakerBot® Replicator® 2X. The black aluminium build plate is anodized for longevity and machined to a high flatness tolerance so that prints stick more reliably and resist warping all the way up.

Completely re-engineered easy-load extruder

Here's one less part to tweak: the all new extruder on the MakerBot® Replicator® 2X Experimental 3D Printer. Rather than a plunger or screw that may require adjustment or wear down over time, this new design employs a spring-loaded ball bearing. We've even added an easy-load lever, so loading filament is a bit more like flipping a light switch. Getting the best work out of your new machine will take some trial and error, but the extruder is good to go

Add interlaced colors to your 3D designs, and make them without swapping filament or pausing your print. Having side-by-side extruders on your MakerBot® Replicator® 2X Experimental 3D Printer also means you are prepared with the tools to take advantage of developments on the forefront of 3D printing. Dual extrusion is tough; are you up for the challenge?

Six-sided enclosure for stabilized ABS cooling

When ABS plastic cools too quickly, it tends to shrink unevenly and leave your prints with unsightly cracks. To minimize this, the MakerBot® Replicator® 2X Experimental 3D Printer employs a draft blocking enclosure. With these acrylic sides, you don't need to worry about the air flow in the room that may cause inconsistencies in your print. And don't worry, we kept the sides clear so you can still see all the action

Warranty and Support

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