Occipital Bridge Headset

Bridge is a revolutionary device that brings both positionally tracked virtual reality and mixed reality to a mobile headset. Includes access to Bridge Engine to develop the first generation of mobile mixed reality applications.

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Introducing BRIDGE

This is what we've always dreamed of. This is the bridge between fantasy and reality. Where virtual characters can enter our world and interact with our environment as if they were really there. Or where we can enter and immerse ourselves in a virtual world, while still staying comfortably aware of ours.

Mixed Reality - And Positionally Tracked Virtual Reality, Too.

With Bridge, you choose your reality. From immersive virtual reality experiences with room-scale, inside-out 6-DoF positional tracking to stunning mixed reality experiences, an array of experiences are now possible.

Mobile VR with room-scale 6-DoF positional tracking

Inside-out positional tracking lets you roam freely through any virtual environment, while obstacle avoidance helps you avoid objects or walls around you. Developers can quickly port existing experiences to Bridge in minutes with a simple Unity plugin.

Optimized for iPhone

With Bridge, all the compute you need is on the iPhone you already own. Bridge Engine efficiently synthesizes data from the Structure Sensor's depth sensing system and the iPhone's color camera and IMU to deliver breathtaking mixed reality experiences.

Optical Alignment System

Bridge relies on precise calibration between the iPhone's color camera and Structure Sensor to create mind bending mixed reality. An anodized, machined aluminum alignment system locks these two components together.

Wide Vision Lens

Immersive mixed reality requires a wide view of the world. So we designed a custom glass lens that doubles the iPhone's field of view to 120˚. Bridge Engine fuses this with the depth data from Structure Sensor for robust tracking and to create a stereo view.

Upgradeable Door

Changing phones? Bridge's door can be easily replaced to fit your new one. A magnetic latch and open faceplate makes it easy to remove your phone when you're not using Bridge.

Quick Release Ratchet

A twist in one direction comfortably secures Bridge, while a twist in the other quickly releases it. A built-in counterweight removes weight from the face for ultimate comfort.

Weight Distributing Side Straps

Rigid side straps couple with a counterweight backpad to remove weight from the face for exceptional user comfort.

Bluetooth Controller

Bridge also includes a dedicated controller with 3-DoF rotational tracking to manipulate objects with high precision. With five buttons and an onboard IMU it makes interaction smooth and natural.