Technologyoutlet Premium 3D Printer Filament Wood

Technologyoutlet Premium 3D Printer Filament Wood

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Technologyoutlet Wood filament is a mixture of 35% recycled wood with a binding polymer. This wood/polymer composite allows the filament to be melted and extruded just like thermoplastic filaments, such as ABS & PLA, but gives your creation a wooden appearance. After printing, your object will look and smell like wood and it can also be handled like wood. You can cut, grind and paint your creations similar as you can do with wooden objects. The colour can be changed on the fly by setting the temperature of your printer’s hot end to 230° C for a light colour, and 260° C for a darker colour.



Wood filament





 Filament weight

1 KG

Print Temperature

230 - 260°C

Best  temperature


Bed temperature


Compatible with

Makerbot, UP, Cubify, Leapfrog Creatr, Builder, Felix, Reprap,Ultimaker and any other FDM 3D printers



sealed plastic bag with desiccants