Wanhao D5S Mini

Small enough to sit neatly on a desk, but large enough to be able to print stable, high precision jobs in its compact (but by no means small) 290x190x190mm build area! The best of both worlds, the D5S mini is perfect for recreational and pro use where speed and accuracy is key.

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*Heated beds are available with this model for ABS printing*


The D5S Mini's frame has been redesigned and now comes in stylish two-tone blue and black colours. The framework itself has been carefully thought out and designed to give maximum strength and rigidity, all while keeping room for easy access to your prints. We have added a new turn knob design to scroll through the printer options shown on the built-in LCD screen to allow easy set-up and adjustments to be made directly through the machine.

The D5S mini comes fitted with a fast and accurate 3mm Bowden extruder. Super reliable and hard wearing, it will print consistently delivering precise results at a range topping speed. This extruder does not disappoint and it is obvious to see why the new D5S is the choice of professionals and engineers.





General Property

Interface SD or USB2.0
Max Printing Object Size 290 x 190 x 190mm
Extruder  Anti-Jam Queen
X,Y Axis Positioning Resolution 0.01mm
Layer Thickness Minimal 0.02mm
X,Y axis max speed 5000mm/minute
Z Axis Positioning Resolution 0.005mm
Z Axis Max Speed 1000mm/minute
Software Wanhao Maker
Printing Material PLA, ABS 3.0mm
Input Power 110V-220V
Frame Extreme XV Rock Steel structure 
Input format STL, 
Output format *.I
Noise 48 Decibel during printing


Product Dimension 400 x 460 x 350mm
Packing Dimension 510 x 570 x 750mm
Weight 21kg
Material Support   PLA
Material Size 3.0mm filaments
Material Size Requirement 3.0+-0.1mm
Temperature Sensor thermocouple temperature sensors




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