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Economical material for basic applications. Good for printing concept models and mockups for display. Wide range of colours gives the ability to choose different material options for 3D printing gadgets and figurines. Z-ABS is a great solution for beginners.

Concept models
Gadgets and figurines
Display models
Models with moderate functional and testing properties


Material Data Sheet: Z-ABS

Mechanical Properties

Test Method



Young’s Modulus

DIN EN ISO 527-2 (ASTM D638)

261 067 psi

1,80 GPa

Tensile Strength

DIN EN ISO 527-2 (ASTM D638)

5511 psi

38 MPa

Tensile Elongation

DIN EN ISO 527-2 (ASTM D638)

17 %

17 %

Charpy Impact, notched

PN-EN ISO 179-1: 2004/A1:2006 (ASTM 6110-1)

3,8 ft-lb/in2

8 kJ/m2

Rockwell R Hardness

PN-EN ISO 2039-1 (ASTM D785)


Maximum Load

PN-EN ISO 2039-1 (ASTM D785)

49 N

Efficient melting point for 3D printing*

482 - 500 F

250 – 260 °C

Glass Transition Temperature

257 F

125 °C

Vicat Softening Temperature

234 F

112 °C

Thermal Expansion



Nearly odorless


Insoluble in water


Product does not present any hazard while operating

The information presented are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should not be used for design specifications or quality control purposes. End-use material performance can be impacted(+/-) by, but not limited to part design, end-use conditions, test conditions, etc. Actual values will vary with build conditions. Tested parts were built on Zortrax M200 @ 0.2mm slice. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

The performance characteristics of these materials may vary according to application, operating conditions, or end- use. Each user is responsible for determining that the Zortrax material is safe, lawful and technically suitable for the inttended application, as well as for identifying the proper disposal (or recycling) method consistent with applicable environmental laws and regulations. Zortrax makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use.

*Due amorphous nature, material does not display a true melting point.